Our Trend MediaWorks suite consists of two products for digital editions, TrendMag2 and TrendMag3. These products offer all the new features publishers need to engage their readers on the desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

TrendMag2 Digital Edition

TrendMag2 is one the most comprehensive out-of-the-box solutions available to publishers today who are looking for a good digital solution that checks all the boxes for one simple price per page for almost all services. This offering is fully integrated into the Trend print workflow, taking your page files for print and converting them into digital pages for the screen. This makes it easy for Trend publishers to get up and running with a feature-rich digital edition within days.

Publishers using TrendMag2 also have access to their own publisher dashboard where they can view their digital editions, make changes, quickly replace pages, post new files and perform many other administrative tasks from anywhere. All of the features of the TrendMag2 digital edition portion are covered by a standard per-page fee.

TrendMag2 Digital Edition Features

Table of Contents • Archives • Zoom • Print • Search • Thumbnail Navigation • Language Translation • Share • Audio/Video • URL Links • Special Pages • Animations • Advertising Space • Metrics • Social Media • Slideshows • Retail Roll-overs • Shopping Lists • Notes • Brand Customization • Presentation Page • Gating • Subscriptions

TrendMag3 Digital Edition

While much of the value of the TrendMag3 product lies in the interactivity of the mobile version outlined on the next page, TrendMag3 also has a desktop browser version with a highly modern look and feel, and supports many of the features of TrendMag2. This version of TrendMag3 is referred to as the “replica” because it is a replica of your printed magazine. While most digital editions began on the desktop and then migrated to mobile, TrendMag3 is distinctly unique in that it was created to display highly interactive magazines on the Apple and Android tablets and then transitioned to the desktop for publishers who still desire to fill that space.

Introducing LiveFeed Homepage

  • Live content throughout the year to engage users and drive traffic.
  • Bookmarking helps users save articles of interest and find advertiser destinations to coordinate visits.
  • Social media tools encourage sharing and expand the reach of your message.