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Mail Alert: 03-10-10 Changes to the Round-Stamp Hard Copy Postage Statements Process

Beginning March 15, 2010, the USPS will no longer complete the “USPS® Use Only” section or round-stamp hard copy postage statements submitted to an acceptance unit equipped with PostalOne! ®. This includes the block titled "Round Stamp (Required) Date Mail Released.” Although the USPS will no longer complete the USPS section of hard copy postage statements, they will continue to accept and process them.
To help ease this transition, an exception process is in place for mailers to continue to receive round-stamped hardcopy postage statements until June 13, 2010. To request an exception, mail owners or mail agents must provide a written request to the Postmaster or, for mailings deposited at a district Business Mail Entry Unit, the manager of Business Mail Entry to request an exception. Mailers should ensure that the mail owner and mail agent (where applicable) sections are accurately completed on the hardcopy statements for accurate processing of exceptions.  

Details on this new process can be found at


Source: DMM Advisory, March 9, 2010,


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