Trend Offset Printing is proud to introduce a new and innovative mailing program to a select set of advertisers and publications.

Trend Targeted Mailer is a unique mailing opportunity to combine publication hosts with advertisers in a controlled shared mail setting, to significantly reduce mailing costs for saturation mailers.

With Targeted Mailer, pieces will be combined with a host publication in a given mailing. This provides a higher level of brand exclusivity for inserts and ride along campaigns. Paired with Trend’s impeccable print quality, all Targeted Mailers are certain to stand out in mailboxes.

We encourage you to learn more about Trend Targeted Mailer today – early adopters will enjoy the benefits of this program before anyone else!

  • Advantages for Advertisers
    • Unique distribution opportunity, more targeted than other shared mail programs.
    • Reduced mailing costs.
    • Reach new markets.
    • Reach more households.
    • High quality mailing environment
  • Advantages for Publishers
    • Entry into a brand new mail advertising program.
    • Reduced mailing costs.
    • Maintain your brand.
    • Potential to increase circulation and reach other markets.
    • High quality mailing environment.
    • Obtain a business audit to determine optimized mailing outcomes.


Shared mail combines an advertising piece or marketing material with a saturation host publication in order to reduce postage costs.

  • Host publications mailing at saturation level are the carriers for inserts.
  • The entire piece, including the advertisers, must fall within flat mail guidelines.