All three plants are Tri-Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) , Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) to supply environmentally sustainable materials to customers. An FSC®, SFI® or PEFC logo printed on a product is a signal that Trend, the publisher and the reader are collectively in support of sustainable forest management and the protection of our environment.

Our extensive recycling programs divert thousands of tons of waste each year from landfills by recycling virtually all production materials, from plates, inks and paper to office supplies and equipment.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond awards and honors. We believe it’s the right thing to do.

Sustainability. You hear it everywhere. Everyone is talking about it, but many people are still debating what it really is. To Trend Offset Printing, sustainability is about responsible growth – reducing our impact on the environment, protecting the safety of our employees and customers, and supporting the communities where we do business, all while ensuring the growth and profitability of our company and yours.

We fully believe in our responsibility to deliver the triple bottom line for our customers – economic, social, and environmental performance. There is little debate that the interdependence of these elements will only become greater in the years ahead.

To help navigate this journey, Trend is offering education solutions and services to customers who want to be better stewards of the environment. From environmental service programs to the adoption of Tri-Certification in our three plants, Trend Offset Printing is your partner in achieving sustainable and profitable business growth.


We evaluate the environmental practices of our suppliers. Are they consistently active in their stewardship of their responsibilities in this area? For example, Trend purchases paper from companies that are certified by organizations known around the world for their dedication to sustainable forestry practices. SFI and FSC are two of the most well-known certifying agencies in the forestry industry. If your organization is interested in taking a leadership role in this way, please discuss this with your sales representative. We will be pleased to help you understand this process.

Our largest supplier of ink and other press chemicals has a long dedication to producing materials using renewable resources and doing so in a way that creates the smallest carbon-footprint possible. One innovative process in this area is the optimization of freight. By dropping off a trailer of full totes and picking up a trailer of empties in the same trip, the emissions from transportation are cut by 50% vs. traditional methods.

Additionally, our inks qualify for the highest marks in environmental responsibility. Our inks qualify for the ASA (American Soy Association) seal because of their content of soy oil.