TX JOBS: Roll Tender


POSITION PURPOSE: Perform entry-level production skills necessary for the quality operation of web offset printing equipment, including jogging, roll tending, and assistance during make-ready.


  1. Prepare, mount and inspect rolls.  Dependably operate splicer, accurately record roll usage and perform various web related duties during start-up.
  2. Monitor all tare waste.
  3. Change ink barrels and clean and maintain ink pumps as required.
  4. Inspect all splicers for wear (bearings, air leaks, shafts).  Grease and oil splicers.
  5. During make-ready, wipe down blankets, change ink and perform clean-up on and around the press.  Assist as needed in mounting plates/blankets, registering and perform maintenance on press equipment.
  6. Promote the concept of working together as a team and with other departments to build continual improvement within the company.
  7. Assist crew in maintaining a clean and safe work area.  Comply with all Divisional Safety Policies.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION:  REQUIRED:  High school diploma or GED.

EXPERIENCE: REQUIRED:  1-2 years of work experience as a press jogger.

QUALIFICATIONS: Able to read, write and comprehend written instructions and basic arithmetic functions.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Must have color perception (cannot be color defective or color blind).  Must be able to lift 100 lbs.


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