There is never a dull moment in Trend’s finishing facilities. The volume of pieces we process speaks—well, it speaks volumes—for our size and scope:

Saddle stitching—More than 50 million pieces on average per month
Perfect binding—More than 7 million pieces on average per month
Mailing—More than 95 million pieces on average per month

Trend’s finishing department can handle nearly every size and configuration, including magazines, delta configurations, tabloids, digests, catalogs and directories.

All binders and stitchers are equipped with inkjet capabilities to handle your addressing and messaging needs (Cheshire labeling also is available). Your job is delivered off the end of our finishing lines fully presorted and ready for a seamless journey into the mail.

Whether your job is heatset, coldset, or a combination, our automated lines output your product folded, trimmed, packaged and ready to ship or mail. Our mailing services staff will use their experience to help you take full advantage of postal discounts.

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