Experienced mail advisors and USPS liaisons analyze each job to develop the perfect distribution matrix ensuring maximized postal savings and improved in-home delivery schedules.

Trend will provide everything you need to target the right audience. Plus, beyond our in-house distribution capabilities, our strategic partnerships with leaders in national logistics allow us to provide you the absolute best custom distribution plan.


List Services • Postal Analysis & Consultation • Distribution Optimization • Strategic Planning • Co-Palletization • Dedicated Loads • Zone Skipping • Consolidation • LTL • Co-Mail • Co-Mingle


Trend’s automated Lettershop is comprised of dedicated high capacity equipment that inserts a powerful mix of coupons, folded mailers, reply cards and unique promotions from national, regional and local advertisers.

Combined with high-quality inkjet addressing systems, the Trend Lettershop delivers over 38 unique printed impressions a year for numerous well-known corporations.

Target ROI

If you are looking for acquisition mail campaigns, branding campaigns, awareness campaigns or any other form of product recognition or mail program, our software technicians can help you design the programs geared toward your target ROI.

West Coast Market

Experience the shortest turn times in the industry to more than 40 million people living in the West Coast market.