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Integrated Media Planner (IMP) coordinates the development, digital rights and labor costs of content across an enterprise. What is typically managed via spreadsheets and off the shelf database systems to manage multiple stories and staff across multiple media platforms can now be cared for in a single, unified web based application.


Centralized repository of story ideas with editor ability to approve, hold or withdraw a pitch. Easy identification of upcoming milestone events or anniversaries from previous story dates in the database. Display of a master calendar of approved stories for production by schedule and delivery platforms.
Story level tracking across all selected delivery platforms and versions. Views of content by department, date or team members/freelancers assigned to the content project.
Effort and schedule tracking by elements within a given project. Views by department, date or team members or freelancers assigned to the content project with ability to start, stop and resume tasks for cost and payment records.
Assignment and payment tracking for staff and freelancers. Digital rights and contract management for freelancers with ability to upload payment approvals through enterprise financial system.


Through our open application programming interface, we can provide Content Management System or third party application integration. Product comes pre-integrated to K4 and Telescope.
User Interface and front-end design can be altered to support client branding. Features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), security integration to unique modules for non-recurring events or other special requests can all be accommodated through the platforms open architecture.
The application can be self-hosted behind a firewall or made available via Software as a Service model for a simple per user monthly fee.
Executives can see the ‘cost of an issue’ while production managers can view department productivity against budget real time. Staff can view specific tasks sorted by priority and/or due dates. IMP tracks content development in a single master, editorial calendar, as well as all the costs associated at every level and every stage, including by department.

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