Redefining Customer Experience During an Economic Crisis

Los Alamitos, CA (April 30, 2020) – As our nation’s economy takes a dive due to the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses everywhere are seeking out new ways to redefine customer experiences to match the current needs of consumers in today’s market. Here is a list suggestions we compiled from experts to help boost your customer experience during the economic crisis.

Empathize. As business leaders, it’s important to understand what your customers’ needs are. In times of crisis, people want to be seen and understood, and they are extremely sensitive to tone and motive. Are you reaching out to help them or to sell them something? Does your outreach feel authentic and caring or does it appear self-serving? Focus on how you can support your customers in a meaningful, human and relevant way. Keep in mind that the impact of the actions you take today will likely outlast the pandemic and define the loyalty people have to your brand and your products.

Communicate to customers. Be in touch with your customers frequently. Let them know how much you appreciate them and care about them—even if they are buying fewer goods and services from you. Remember that many of your customers have customers too, so what you communicate may reach an even greater audience. So, be careful with your messaging. In addition, working even more closely with your customers during difficult times such as this will have the added effect of helping to forge even stronger relationships and form bonds that are likely to endure for years.

Communicate to your employees. Communicating to your employees, especially the ones who serve your customers, is crucial as it will be necessary for employees to assure customers of uninterrupted service, or to advise them of any issues that might arise, and come up with solutions. If your business has in-person customer interaction, make sure your employees are aware of operational processes to reduce the possible transmission of the virus from person to person, and let customers know how you sanitize your work spaces.

Build capabilities for a fast-changing environment. Maintaining a strong customer experience in a crisis requires rapid research to understand changing dynamics and new pain points as well as agile innovation to address them. Customer leaders who master that approach will create value for consumers in high-priority areas and in an environment of increased competition.

Forge the future together. We all become more human when we’ve gone through pain, and we all become more deeply connected when we’ve suffered together. Those emotional realities are also valid when it comes to relationships between businesses and consumers. If we suffer together and yet support each other, those bonds will only strengthen over the long term. They can even form a new basis for how brands and consumers can connect in the future. Ultimately, COVID-19 will teach us a great deal about the true nature of interaction and collaboration: that they will lead to a deeper appreciation of putting people first, that brands will have had the opportunity to show their true colors (positively or negatively), and that companies, brands, workers, and consumers are capable of adapting in a positive way to a change that is imposed upon all of us, and emerging, together, in a better place.

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